About Nest

Melanie Watterberg

Mother-of-one to her dog Belvedere, career woman and aspiring fashionista, Melanie Watterberg joined the Nest family to follow her life passion to work in fashion. Juggling a full time career, Melanie drives sales and marketing for the brand using her expertise in sales, social media, and advertising. After over a decade in Healthcare, she is very excited to be partnering with this group of creative entrepreneurs. Melanie especially enjoys identifying and understanding the Nest customer and guiding Nest to capture the voice of the customer in everything we do. She has reshaped the way we look at the customer and it\'s reflected in our design and customer service.


Alyson Abreu

Mother-of-two, career woman and full-time juggler, Alyson Abreu, started Nest with partners and the notion that life is just too chaotic to not allow yourself some justice and follow your dreams. After several years with the marketing division of Disney.com, she felt ready to stretch her wings and take on the challenge of small business. Alyson most enjoys her position as official tester of Nest Diaper Bags and takes her responsibility to ensure that they remain practical and functional seriously. But she especially loves that they still manage to look so good.


Cristie Schrader

Inspiring designer and really great dresser, Cristie Schrader, lends her creative genius and boundless talents to every facet of Nest. A devoted student of style, she obtained a degree in fashion design and a coveted position with Nordstrom as a womenswear designer. After several successful years with the famed department store, Cristie co-founded Nest and expanded her talents to include bag design because an outfit just isncomplete without that finishing touch. Every detail of Nest, from the website, to the bag lining, to the office decor has Cristie\'s signature all over it.


Tenelle McCormack

Seasoned entrepreneur and lover of all things cute and small, Tenelle McCormack has created another successful formula by combining her impeccable sense of style and enviable knowledge of fashion with her winning track record in business. That great big love for small dogs prompted her to co-found and launch Kwigy-Bo, a well-known pioneer in the luxury dog-wear, carrier and accessories category. Out of that concept and experience, the idea to design and manufacture luxury diaper bags was born. Tenelle, her husband and their dog Bowie welcome the smallest and cutest addition to their family: a new baby girl!